Wrong side of the bed

One of those days in which I simply got out of the wrong side of the bed. Ran around the house stressing as I searched for unfindable lost things. Lorraine up at the same time, quietly prepared a flask and some toast for me to eat on the run. Almost choked on the toast crossing the road, then to the station, where I had to buy at ticket, and bought the more expensive one by mistake. Onto the train and decided to listen to a meditation track to get my act together. Was just walking down the hypnotic stairs down into the lovely garden when the woman opposite started barking string of infuriating inanities (starting with'I'm on the train. On. The. Train.') for the next twenty minutes. Decided then to listen to Bob Marley only to discover that my new earphones had an infuriating hissiness in one of the ears.

Poured out some tea from my flask, thinking lovingly of Lorraine and texting her, however the tea tasted strongly of raspberries left over from previous use. Into work, naturally my badge wouldn't let me into the office. Once admitted I swapped it for a new one, which I managed to break by the end of the day.

Given a sketchy brief, for which I instantly had a good idea for, which was squashed just as instantly for no good reason. Reacted tetchily to this, and created a difficult atmosphere. I had to apologise. Later, and quite suddenly, it was decided my idea was not rubbish after all. Sigh. I really have to do something else with my life now.

A quick chat with First Matie made me feel more human, as did the lengthy joke about a tractor fancier she told me in the afternoon. The rest of the day passed off with out incident. Left the office but then realised I had left my specs on the desk, returned to the office, found my specs were actually in my bag all along. Missed train. Gah.

Home at last, and the stress and tetchiness I'd been feeling dissipated. Lorraine and Dawn at home, and we went for a drink. I attended to lager with some gusto. And suddenly the world was fine again. Lorraine is, of course, the tops and Dawn is tops too. All well.