Sunday, August 20, 2017

A round of cards

Both of us a bit sluggish and tired again, but we still managed to have fun. We had invited Anton, Anne, Klaudia and Oskar round for tea. This gave us some direction to the day, and we did a bit of gardening (mowing the little lawn, clearing away fox poo, and Lorraine putting some little garden lights into it) and tidied up the place somewhat. Also Lorraine and I went to Sainsbury's. I don't know why but trundling around Sainsbury's with Lorraine always makes me feel cheerful and secure. The simple pleasures are the best.

Spoke to Mason to wish him the best for his birthday, we are zooming up to Edgware next week and will take them out to celebrate.

Good to see Anton, who is doing remarkably well, and had been for a walk around The Ardingly Reservoir and under the Ardingly Viaduct with Oskar. He is currently researching chess sets. Meanwhile Lorraine had cooked a delicious lemon chicken tagine and, after food, Lorraine initiated a game of  Uno. Anne sitting out this bit, as she, like me is not a real gamer. The rest of us sat around the gold sofa and played a few rounds of cards, and it was fun. Oskar much taken with Calliope at the moment. Klaudia laughing through her nose when I told her about a cat called Astrophe.

Once they'd gone off in a cab (Anton advised not to drive for a few more weeks) Lorraine and I slumped happily on the gold sofa. Lorraine watching the end of a Harry Potter film, then we watched more episodes of a series called... Catastrophe, on Channel Four catch up box set, which I really like. The central characters played by Rob Delaney and Sharon Hogan say such outrageous things to everyone that I find it curiously bracing, and very funny. Carrie Fisher plays in it too, in what was her last TV role.

Read Lorraine another story from Good Evening, Mrs Craven, before we went to sleep.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Shopping, wings and spooks

A bit of a lie-in this morning. Both of us with a backlog of tiredness. The more I feel I give into it, the more tired I feel. The answer is to do things. Lorraine and I went off into town doing a bit of shopping, and generally pleasantly drifting about in town. She bought a matching top and trousers, from the shop opposite Gars where we had been yesterday and were lured by a sage green top. Before that Lorraine had to return something in Primark. I have only been in there a few times, although everyone seems to go there these days, with varying degrees of irony. Then we went into C&H fabrics where Lorraine looked at fabrics, and I looked at judgmental plastic horses in the small toy section.

After our shopping done, and a cup of coffee drunk (a freebie, as Lorraine had a Costa card given to her at school), Lorraine and I went to The Joker. Here I spoke to Mum, and Lorraine and I and ate some woof woof wings and had a long chat, before we slipped into the Cinema to see The Ghost Story, which we both liked, for being curious and un-Hollywoodish. It did feature a person in a sheet as the ghost, which was brave or ridiculous or both. Some of the scenes were very slow, with a twist at the end, which I rather enjoyed once you got into the pace of the thing.

We walked up the hill afterwards, and sloped into bed. I bought a rather beautiful paperback book published by Persephone Classics (a new one on me) of stories written during the war on life on the home front by Mollie Panter-Downes, called Good Evening, Mrs Craven.

Below Judgmental plastic horses in C&H Fabrics.

Friday, August 18, 2017

A weird optimism

Sent off my novel to an agent specialising in children's books today, selected mainly on gut feel and intuition. This felt like a significant moment. Having spent much of the day sorting it out, and asking Lorraine to read through everything before I emailed it off. I will also send it to a publisher, and once this is done there is nothing more to be done for the time being. I would love to work with an agent though. Despite my attempts not to build my hopes up, I have a weird optimism about this story.

In the evening, Lorraine and I had a cheery date night in Brighton as a date and celebration of sending the story off. To The Cricketers, which is a pub she and I used to have a Friday night drink in when we were dating. Then across the road to Gars Chinese restaurant, where we shared a Chef's feast and a couple of Asahi Japanese beers to wash it down with. Generous portions, and we did some serious chopstick work.

Our fellow diners not of the most restful sort. A table of women, one of whom was literally screaming with faux excitement, and nearby a woman who I couldn't help thinking was a football wife, complaining about things in an imperious fashion. 

We had a good time there, and walked along to have a single drink in The Basketmakers, where Joe the guv'nor there told Lorraine he was getting married next year, after Lorraine showed him a photo of Sam and Jade. A bus home, after a happy evening. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Calm as a mill pond

Lorraine and I up fairly early. Lorraine off to see her pal Tanya, who also gave her lots of resources for her school. I, meanwhile, worked on my my proposal for the novel, which I intend to send out tomorrow. I am putting a great deal of effort into this.

In the afternoon, Lorraine home again, and we had a light lunch and then drove off to Bolney School, where we dropped off the boxes Tanya had given Lorraine, and looked at the building work being done on the old school. Lorraine a bit sad that some of the more quirky features were being covered behind new panelling. 

From here we went for a delightful short walk around some old mill ponds in a nearby wood. Gorgeous they were, saucered with waterlilies, and reflecting the fluffy white clouds. We sat under an oak tree, near the biggest of the ponds, which was already dropping a few acorns while watching the dragonflies. We scrumped a dozen or so sweet and juicy blackberries, which seem very early this year. A lovely little interlude.

We stopped off at Marks and Sparks on the way home, and bought some fish which Lorraine transformed into a lovely fish curry, which we scarfed while watching the last of Orange is the New Black this evening. Both of us still extremely tired and in need of much rest.

Also, spoke to Mum, this morning who had been given the clear to return home, and sounded fine and cheerful, and this evening, once home. All good.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Easing of the sole

A bit of a medical theme, today. I had to get up early and walk off to have a blood test first thing. The nurse achieved a hole in one in my vein, which is a refreshing change. I walked home, and eventually was able to speak to Mum at the Royal Free. She was sounding pretty good, and the procedure yesterday didn’t leave her too uncomfortable. I also spoke to Mas, who was complaining about the number of people who had called around to check on him.

Then after walking home, Lorraine and I went to have our feet done at a podiatrist called Sole Sisters. I’d never been to a podiatrist before. But having my feet sorted out (I have slightly ingrowing toenails) was great. The Kenny feet felt far more balletic right away. I am not particularly fond of my feet, but Lucy the podiatrist led me to believe that she had seen far grizzlier sights. Afterwards Lucy did Lorraine, while I drank a coffee in the café next door.

In the afternoon, we dropped some baby clothes to Sam's old pal John Maubin who is just about to move to Leamington Spa with his partner George and their little baby Teddy. We'd used some of Teddy's first clothes for We Three Kings at Christmas, and disgracefully only now returned them.

Then home where I slept for an hour, then off to the Sussex County hospital where Lorraine had a small screening procedure, which was all fine. While waiting for her I spoke to Mum again, who will be kept in tonight as a precaution. She is feeling okay though, luckily.

Home, to chicken and salad, and a highly relaxed evening, listening to music with Lorraine on the gold sofa.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Barbecue with Anton

So lovely to wake up in our own bed, even if it was to the selfish promptings of Brian and Calliope. Staggered downstairs, to feed the cats and make tea and lurch back. Rosie and Innis who had stayed the night shot off early. Innis with a copywriting job. Lorraine and I pottered about and getting unpacked.

In the afternoon, we walked over to see Anton's house and had a barbecue. Anton in good health, and says he is feeling lots better. He has been eating incredibly healthily vegetables and fruit in abundance, and grains and other things his former self would have sneered at, and feel full of springiness. He has also been walking steadily more each day. His doctors suggested he have a glass of red wine every day too, one of the few instructions (along with a square of dark chocolate) that he really liked.  The new drinking is a glass of wine, and a bottle of sparkling water. I followed this model, having drunk my fill and more lately.

Good to see him looking so well though. Today a read letter day, as he had a bratwurst sausage.

Great to see Klaudia and Oskar and Anne. We hung out in the garden, with his pear tree laden with enormous pears. I took some snaps, not very good ones, prompted by Klaudia who looks at photos on this blog from time to time. No Lorraine, as I managed to take a terrible photo of her.

While at Anton's I managed to get through to Royal Free Hospital, mum's operation had been fine. I spoke to Mas too. Hopefully she will be at home in the next couple of days.

We came home early, and went to bed very early too.

Below: Anton Anne and Klaudia; Oskar; and me trying to look enigmatic, but instead featuring the post Edinburgh eye-bags.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Home at last

So another big breakfast, and packing this morning. Beth's lovely bestie Olivia came to the hotel this morning (she had a day off from working in the Leeds Dungeon).  Then all off to the station, there is an entrance a stones throw from the hotel. Sam surprised Lorraine as we dragged our cases through the gates. Hugs with him, before Pat, Maureen, John, Beth Lorraine and I set off for Kings Cross. Maureen had a migraine on the train and felt rotten, but she and Pat and her caught the Ashford Train at St Pancras, and they were met by Lorraine's brother Ken at the other end.

Lorraine and I with John and Beth then got the Brighton train. Beth, Lorraine and I catching a cab from Preston Park home. Here Rosie and Innis, who had been looking after Calliope and Brian for the last few days, had cooked us a lovely meal and bought beers. Had a cheery drink and a meal with them, before Lorraine and I dragged ourselves off to bed. Beth, having done some laundry, went off to John's with, poor thing, a full week of work ahead of her.

Rather zombie tired, I chatted with Mum, who is going into hospital tomorrow for a fairly quick procedure on her pancreas.

The bliss of one's own bed is hard to find words for.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Roasts with the newlyweds

Feeling reasonably fresh and non hungover this morning. Must be the fact I drank lots of water judiciously yesterday, in between the positively good for you vegan beers, and the vigorously funktastic free dance I was doing at the end of the night. Very, very tired though.

A slow breakfast in the hotel, with Pat and Maureen, and John and Beth. It was a help yourself buffet breakfast, so I started with porridge, then ate a cooked breakfast for good measure, with cups of coffee and orange juice.

Lorraine and I then went for a walk into town with Pat and Maureen, pausing to have a nice coffee somewhere. The space under the station runs with canal weirs, and is weirdly lit. Pat and I were speculating that it would be a good place for a murder story to start.

Home again, and a brief snooze. Before regrouping with Beth and John, Pat and Maureen and heading off to the Town Hall Tavern, where we met Sam and Jade and Sian. Lorraine and Sian are already getting on splendidly.  I really like her too.

Sam and Jade tired but happy after yesterday. Jade said that yesterday had literally been the best day of her life. In the morning the newlyweds had breakfast in bed, at the nice hotel Sian had put them up in. They'd spent the day clearing up the venue and other bits, and preparing for their move to Glasgow on Tuesday. Sian is going to drive them in a van.

There we had a really top notch Sunday roast at The Town Hall Tavern, and some lovely beer although it closed at around seven. Sam and Jade went home with Sian, and the rest of us went back to the hotel. We all had a drink in The Sky Bar with Alessandro looking down on Leeds as it got darker. He is a really nice man.

Early to bed for everyone.

Below a bit of a random collection of photos today: some of the water under Leeds Station; a mysterious and beautiful doorway under Leeds Station; Desperate Dan outside a pub; Sian, Sam, Jade and Lorraine in The Town Hall Tavern; two photos of Maureen and Pat; a view down from The Sky Bar.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sam and Jade get wed

Sam and Jade's wedding day today. I squeezed in my suit, somewhat snugger than it was before a week in Edinburgh, and Lorraine donned her glad rags, and readied her fascinator. Despite glowering clouds first thing, the weather was sunny and cheerful for the wedding. We descended in the Schindler's lifts, as pointed out by Pat, into a taxi bound for Leeds Town Hall.

John had walked off with Sam and his groomsmen early. And Beth had melted away in the morning, being a bridesmaid. So that when Lorraine, Pat, Maureen and I arrived by taxi. Sam with his groomsmen, some of the bridesmaids and other guests all looking very smart outside.

We went inside to a simple but pleasant room inside for the ceremony itself. Lorraine very happy all day, and had tears of joy in her eyes when Jade appeared with her bridesmaids, which included Beth. I felt very happy for them both too, and found everything quite moving.

Sam and Jade looked lovely. Jade in a simple but lovely white dress, and the blue and yellow colour scheme they had chosen was spot on. Sam looked rather dashing in his three piece Scottish tailored suit. The folks in the town hall efficient and friendly. Both radiating happiness during the ceremony, and Jade laughing lots in it too.

Then after they left the Town Hall, and being pelted with rose petal confetti, small bags of which had been handed to us (although one of Sam's pals simply bounced the bag of Sam's head) all off to the Northern Monk brewery where there was a nice function room, and a plethora of weirdly cloudy vegan beers to sample. Lots of photos of course, and lots of family. I chatted to several of Sam and Beth's dad's side for the first time. All very nice and cheery. Good speeches from Jade and Sam, and Jade's mum Sian and dad Lindsay, Sam's dad Gary and Lorraine, and Alessandro Sam's best man, and Sophie Jade's chief bridesmaid, and a member of 'The Core Four' who were Jade's childhood gang of pals, who were all present and part of the bridesmaid team with Beth.

Enjoyed chatting with Sian's sister Lin, and her husband Steve. Lin and Steve live on Guernsey at the moment. Spoke briefly to Jade's dad about philosophy, before he left and heard some of his opinions about the mapping of ideas into language.

A very cheery afternoon and evening, which ended with many of us capering about and dancing into the night. Lorraine and I walked home with Lin and Sian, and Beth and John, who ordered toasties from room service when they got back to their room. Lorraine talked me out of this, sadly. But we were soon asleep.

Below: Sam and Lorraine shortly before Sam got married; Beth and John outside the venue; Jade emerges into the wedding room; Sam and Jade during the ceremony and pictured with their groomsmen and bridesmaids; Sam and Jade outside, Lorraine and I at the reception, and Sam and Beth.

Friday, August 11, 2017

To Leeds

Blearily, everyone got up and started cleaning the flat, before we had to vacate it at 11-ish. Lorraine having to go of and get her hair washed and set ready for tomorrow's wedding first thing too. Fond farewells with Amy, who is staying in Edinburgh, and then the rest of us cabbed to Edinburgh station. Fond farewells with Kitty and Matt there, before Beth, Lorraine and I caught the train to York, before scrambling, heavily laden, across the platforms to catch the trans pennine to Leeds.

Mixed feelings about leaving Edinburgh. Quite nice to be able to relax, but also lots left to see and experience there. I really liked it.

The Hilton Double Trees hotel is near the station, but we all arrived tired. Here I had a much needed shower, and Beth and Lorraine nipped back to the station to collect Pat and Maureen, and John who had travelled up with them from Brighton. Later we had a cheery meal in the hotel restaurant, and then went up to the 13floor where there is a Sky Bar, that is a bar in the sky. We saw Sam briefly, who was naturally quite busy but cheerful the night before his wedding.

Below A Glass of Nothing passes the way of all theatre, and all things, as I dropped the last flyers into the recycling bin in Leith. In the Sky Bar, Beth and John, Beth and Maureen, and Pat pulling a 007 face.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Last night in Edinburgh

Last full day in Edinburgh. I went with Amy to see the show she was also tech for, a comedian called Cally in a show called Super Cally Fragile Lipstick. The room wasn't great, and the lighting failed a couple of minutes before the show. So the performance had to be done in just the room lights. This killed the atmosphere, and I didn't love her material, either.

Amy and I made our way back home, and I sat in the café and had carrot cake and coffee, and went to meet Lorraine from the bus, who had just had her nails done. Off to the wee Sainsburys where a man was being thrown out for attempted shoplifting, he been in there before trying to steal steaks apparently. The origin of calling Edinburgh Auld Reekie, due to the smell from various local breweries, was explained to us by a man at the till. Rather friendly and knowledgeable for a bloke on a till.

So last performance of A Glass of Nothing tonight at the Surgeons’ Hall. A bit of a disappointing audience, but Jane Postlethwaite, whose show I really liked the other day, came. More surprising for me was seeing Pete Singer. Pete was in the first performance of my play Wrong, with Mindy in Leamington, had had been randomly flyered by Matt and he recognised my name and came to the show in the evening. I’ve not seen Pete for at least 15 years, and only worked with him that once. Talk about random connections. Even more surprising was that Peter’s one man show that he brought to Edinburgh two years ago had been in exactly the same room as us.

 The final show went well, Beth, Kitty and Matt all did brilliantly despite the small turnout. However our morale was very high afterwards. We all counted the trip to Edinburgh to be a success. We sat in the courtyard and drank some fizzy pop, chatted with Pete for a while, and then cabbed home together. Where we ate post-midnight pasta, and had some more fizz. I could feel the stress lifting from my shoulders.

Beth did absolutely brilliantly over the last week. She had so much responsibility. Kitty and Matt's effort and commitment was faultless, and everyone's attitude could not be better.  And Amy's work was splendid too, and it was great to have her as part of the team. We had a lovely last evening together.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Tuning into the darkness

A leisurely breakfast in the Hideaway cafe with Lorraine and Betty, although I had to send back our breakfasts because they were different to what we had ordered. I was given a free coffee as an apology.  Off then into town. To do a spot of shopping with Lorraine, and meet the others to see  Jenny Collier, one of the Nasty Women we had seen the other day. A natural comedic talent I thought. She has a section where she talks about farts, and used the phrase 'a barking spider' to describe one, which made me chuckle because its so mad. Although the strange melting away of six people at the same time to go to the toilet seemed to throw her a bit. Lorraine and I walked past Greyfriars Bobby at one point, its nose gleaming where people touch it for good luck.

Lorraine and I had fish and chips in very busy cafe opposite the Surgeons' Hall. Excellent it was, with absolutely delicious fish. Then across the road, to the Surgeons' Hall to fret and flyer till show time.

Another healthy audience, but they were very quiet, and watching it with great attention as if it were a tragedy. Weird. They tuned into the darkness of the piece. Still, the applause was warm at the end.

After the show we met with Lauren and Roger from the Rialto Theatre in Brighton, who had come to see our show. We had a few drinks and chatted over some stuff. Roger and I will meet up for coffee when I we're all in Brighton again, and possibly put on some stuff at the Rialto. Lauren and Roger are thinking of bringing a show about Myra Hindley to the festival next year.

All home, and sat up setting the fire alarm off repeatedly while we were making toast.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

4th night

A bit of a slow start for Lorraine and I today. Beth and Amy into town to meet up with Sarah and Suzie and Ollie. Lorraine and I, along with Kitty caught a cab into the old part of town. En route we passed a poster for our show. There are quite a few around town, but given there are a bazillion posters and flyers around town it is a drop in the ocean. When you realise just how much of the centre is given over to Fringe stuff, and how often one gets approached with flyers it is amazing. We four went off to see Jane Postlethwaite, who Kitty knew slightly and we saw at the women standup show we saw a couple of days ago. A really entertaining and imaginative show called The House, which had us four in it, two others, a critic and a fellow actor in the audience. Matt, Kitty and I were dragged onto the stage.

After this show, and Jane saying she may come to ours, Kitty discovered that her bank account had been hacked in India, and her bank urgently called her. All sorted quite soon, however.

Then Lorraine and I went ambling though the streets, and found a cafe called Let Me Eat, where we had coffee and a snack. It was incredibly noisy though, with Nina Simone being blasted out, and a madcap Italian waiter who periodically ran out into the street, interfering with passersby, blocking the cars while shouting through a megaphone. Entertaining, though not restful.

Made it home eventually, having met Betty who wasn't having the best of days having failed to get into the show with all her buddies this morning. She went off to meet a guy who had suggested he might get us a venue in London, but it turned out later that he was a time waster only interested in promoting his own show.

Lorraine and I home, were we had a rest before heading back into town with Kitty and Matt. To the venue. More flyering. I read online about a technique called 5-4-3-2-1 go, which I employed today to start flyering. Instead of thinking about something, you simply count backwards and set off. Worked a treat. Once I get flyering I quite like having the conversations with people. The idea of flyering is horrid though. So finding a way to stop thinking and just act is a good one.

Into the show. Thank God, our best audience tonight in terms of numbers, still only around twenty, but they were prepared to laugh and have a good time. It made all the difference, and for the first time it felt quite full in our little venue.

Everyone a bit nervy today for some reason, but we flew through it, and the audience were appreciative. A lighting glitch, however, just at the denouement meant the house lights came on for a bit, which was a shame. Amy mortified, bless her. All quite cheery afterwards however. Kitty a bit worried that she got few laughs. But a weird thing had happened tonight, which was that audience were really on Beth's side, so when Kitty was saying funny, bitchy things to her, they took it to heart. Kitty became 'this bitch' to use Beth's phrase. Fascinating.

Beth and Amy out with Sarah later. Lorraine, Kitty, Matt and I caught a cab home. But not before we had sourced some snackables. I had another wee macaroni pie, and a little haggis roll. Nice.

Below a poster spot from our cab, Beth finds a corner to hide in to apply her stage makeup, Amy at the controls, Matt, Kitty and Beth after the show.

Monday, August 07, 2017

A man about town. Flyering

Flyering. Not flyering is more stressful than flyering, because at least I feel like I am doing something to promote the show. Beth went to an free education session about promoting a show, which laid on by theSpace this morning.

I went off for a solo flyering mission. Although sunny, obviously rained when I set to work. I have found my own technique which is to have half a pint of beer first, and then chat to people warmly. Although this is outside my comfort zone, I realised I still have it in me to do it fairly well. People end up asking lots of questions. It is time consuming, but I am hoping a qualitative rather than quantitative approach might work. Beth, Kitty and Matt all flyering too at different times and other places. One woman gave me her card, she is connected with the theatre in Dundee.

I also went alone to see the show by the Swiss folks, called Idle Time. It was in German, with plot pointer subtitles. It was very odd, with the cast all dressed in white and lying on the floor being dead for no particular reason at the end of the show. It was about conformity, and leisure and so on. But it was dramatically confused. I couldn't help warming to one woman, who was a jewel of a character actor, and rather wasted. When I arrived, Idle Time had two other people as audience.

Back home, after rewarding myself with a lunchtime pint after the flyering. Rewarding yourself with booze is a bad sign.

So to our show. I did more flyering of folks outside. But all my conversations, witty asides etc, resulted in an audience of no more than six people.  I thought I might have to keep everyone buoyant afterwards, but Brighton Blonde Productions is a resilient troupe.  David, A friend of Toby's came to see it, Lorraine talked to him and his wife, but he had to zoom off so sadly I didn't get to meet him. Felt a bit sad that he'd seen it on such a quiet night.

However, as I knew they would, Beth's pals Sarah, Suzie and Ollie arrived to surprise her. We had to tarry in the courtyard drinking beers till they arrived. Beth and Amy whisked off a bit later with them. Lorraine, Kitty, Matt and I headed home, pausing only to have a fracas with a bus driver who wouldn't accept our valid till 1 o'clock bus pass at 12:30 because his bus was an N bus, before having to catch a cab.

Below  a blue sky but as I approached the city centre armed with my flyers. The view from the bus window.

Sunday, August 06, 2017


A day off, and much needed regrouping and de-shattering. A rainy, cold day in Edinburgh.

Lorraine and I rested lots and then went for a walk around and about in Leith, mooching about by the old docks, which have been transformed, and government buildings. We also went to a place called Toast, which had opened today, for a snack. Good food, nice coffee, but a stress atmosphere caused by it being everyone's first day. Nice to have a bit of quality time with Lorraine.

In the evening, we all went off to see a show of high-quality women comedians in a show called Nasty Women on the Fringe. Matt got picked on and brought up into one of the acts. Loads of laughs through the night. A great line up and we are going to see some of the women next week if we can. It was free to get in, but you had to pay to leave. Well worth it.

Below a view from one of our rooms, if you enlarge it you can see the bird corpses rotting in the wirework. Then old rails, the stairs leading up to our nice apartment, and a sign in The Newsroom, a bar where the comedy was on.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Preview night

Up to a full house. With Sam and Jade in the front room. A large and military style breakfast this morning, cooked by Lorraine and aided by her chief kitchen porter. Beth and I off to the grand meet the press session at one o clock. It was advertised as a chance to pitch your piece to the press. Naively I had seen this as a few minutes to a room full of journos etc. The reality was very different. An enormous queue snaking out of a university building down the street. Once you got inside, having queued for an hour, then each publication had a desk and there were long queues for this. Hours of standing about, but we managed to get to speak to three different publications.

After this Beth and I had a much needed reviving coffee, and a diabetes inducing piece of millionaire shortcake. While we had been doing this, Kitty and Matt had been flyering, giving hundreds of flyers away.

Home, and we all regrouped, somewhat tired and frazzled. Lorraine, who had been with Sam and Jade, cooked a big pot of chicken and vegetable goodness with rice, which we all snacked on before bussing up to the Surgeons' Hall again. Not feeling as nervous as last night, but still pretty nervous. Dave 'Swifty' Morgan, my old college pal, had let me know just before we arrived that he was going to show up. Also present in the small audience were Kitty's mum, as well as Sam and Jade, and Rebecca from Bolney school and her partner.

Performance much nervier than last night and somehow the energy was a bit more laboured to my trained eye. But I was very proud of Beth, Kitty and Matt. It's easy when the audience is fully behind you and you're coasting along. This was one of the nights when the tough got going, and we learned lots from it.

Afterwards a really cheery night. Beers with Dave and for a while, Julie, Kitty's Mum, and Rebecca and her husband. Dave showed me some photos of old university chums, and then rather amazingly, photos of people taken at Warwick when we were there. Including a few of me with a black mop of curly hair. Then Dave came with us all to go to the performer's party around the corner. This was really fun, and we all danced about to Blueswater, an excellent band, and drank more boozes.

Lorraine, Dave and I left around two thirty I think, and Dave was going to stay with us rather than at his camping site, but as we arrived in Leith having caught the crowded night bus home, he decided to grab a cab instead. Lorraine and I crashed out, and Lorraine and I didn't hear the others arrive home after five in the morning.

Below after the show, Dave, Kitty, Matt, Lorraine, Amy, Beth, Sam and Jade.  Earlier in the day, Beth and I queueing in the rain. Our performance listed. Beth and I three minutes before the audience enters, me and Beth, and Beth with a wee Amy in the background. Scenes at the party, where the band Blueswater were playing.

Friday, August 04, 2017

A smashing open dress rehearsal

A nervy day before our first public dress rehearsal. We had a team breakfast in the Hideout Cafe a few doors down the street. Into town this afternoon. Lots to organise, and I had to find a local printer and copy lots of press releases, a simple thing but it added to the last minuteness of stuff. Beth, Kitty and Matt doing flyering for the show in Edinburgh. Lorraine and I zooming about dropping flyers and posters off at various Space venues. Then back to Mimi's a cafe near us where I had a steadying half a beer. 

Then off in the evening in the bus, Beth, Kitty and Matt flyering outside for a bit too. The weather not our friend today. Really rainy and dreary all day. 

I had to calm myself down at one point. I have been doing some meditation again lately, and I took ten minutes out midday for some mindful time. Really pleased I did. Also deciding that whatever happens in our run in Edinburgh, it is a win. So nice to have Lorraine with me at a time like this.

So, the open dress rehearsal. All of us really pleased. Matt took a big surge forward today in his performance, and he was great. Really happy for him (and us). Beth and Kitty at their best too. One of my many neuroses was that we would overrun, but we came in at 50minutes on the nose too. Amy did all the cues perfectly, and Lorraine ran front of house perfectly too. We weren't really expecting an audience, given that it was a dress rehearsal, but we found a large cast of Swiss actors attended, and they were chuckling appreciatively all through. 

All of us on a high afterwards. The show purring along, everyone on top form, all the props and stuff in the right place, and backed back within time. Much needed beers outside in the courtyard, before mooching back passing a shop that sold pies. I can tell you a Scottish macaroni pie at 11:30 is a fine thing to eat, if you are starving. A bus home.

One of the back doubles Lorraine and I went down on our poster delivering mission. Lorraine snap of me, Amy, Matt, Kitty and Beth at brunch. Beth and a poster.