My spirit eats oranges

Woke up having had a dream that I was with Lorraine in a caravan parked in Tanfield Avenue in Neasden. A street my family lived in till I was 12.  A golden eagle was flying around the caravan, and Lorraine opened the door to it and the eagle walked in. She fed it with oranges, which it seemed to enjoy. I think it was my spirit animal.

Up and another good morning on my book. Lorraine working from home too. Today I was writing about the Dutch angle or Dutch tilt, which is also known as the Batman angle. This is where the camera is tilted away from the horizontal. In the 1960s Batman series, the villains were always shown in their various lairs with a Dutch tilt, to emphasise their crooked scheming.

After eating some vegetable chili at home, L and I had a naughty evening drinking with Dawn, Anton, Rosie in the Battle of Trafalgar. I think it was the normally light drinking Dawn who suggested drinking Tuaca, which is a sweet liqueur. A noisy night with much laughter. Felt a bit sorry for Rosie, who was emotionally blackmailed to come out, and having come out was later poured into a taxi after several of the aforementioned liqueurs.

I shepherded L and Dawn home as Dawn was staying the night and made toasted cheese on my return smug that I had drunk some soda and lime instead of boozes during the night.