Love and French Zombies

A sober day of restraint. Up late and off shopping, after eating a Quorn sausage sandwich with mustard in bed, brought to me by my lovely, and discussing plans for the wedding. Drove off, taking circuitous routes around the place to avoid the bulgy-calfed London to Brighton bicycle riders.

I needed a new office chair, mine having spontaneously exploded a week or so ago while I was innocently sitting on it. We ended up at a place called Staples where I bought a chair called a Tweddle, which after assembling (and then reassembling it as I noticed it didn't look like the picture on the Chinese instructions) comfortable on the back, but a tad unforgiving on the rear. Perhaps my buns will steel themselves.

Otherwise shopping with Lorraine. I always thought Lorraine and I were very happy together, but it seems that having become engaged has made us even closer. Pootling about shopping together great fun. Life is sweet. Eating salad this evening, and Lorraine went off to meet one of her pals but came back after an hour or so of celebratory bubbles.

Also bought a new electric toothbrush which is more agricultural than my last one, although it does the job it also vibrated my head violently.

Spoke to Mum and Mas. They are knee deep in cat politics as Mum has taken in a stray called Felix. Salty is unimpressed. Mas urging me to watch a French series that L and I had started watching last week. The Returned (Les Revenants) is a supernatural crime thriller set in an Alpine Village. It is definitely reminiscent of Twin Peaks (in a good way) but it is definitely its own thing with lots of French brooding and unexplained returns of dead people. Easily the best thing currently on TV.

Below a mother cuddles her zombie daughter in The Returned.