Fun in the sun

A beautiful day of warm sun. Up early as Lorraine had a hot stone massage with Jewel, like I had the other day. I decided to go to the gym, after tidying up the place a bit (we had a house viewing) and taking Betty a cup of tea. Feeling slightly tetchy in the gym, and only did the bare minimum, but better than nothing. Felt much better for a hot shower, and mooched off to find a very relaxed Lorraine and we went for a cup of tea in the Marwood, then went to sit by the sea in the warm sun. I then bought three quality shirts at bargain prices, then we drifted happily through the old lanes looking at wedding bands.

Bused back home and went up the hill to sit in the sun garden of The Signalman, where we met Matt and Isy who, much to my pleasure, were in Brighton looking at houses as they are considering a move here. My liver and kidneys giving little squirms of apprehension, for Matt is always the centre of a good deal of enthusiastic and liquid socialising.

Andros and Sophie had unexpectedly come down to Brighton this weekend, so in the evening we caught the bus to Hove where we went to the Giggling Squid, but the one in Hove rather than the one in Brighton. Food still very good. Lovely to see Sophie and Andros again. Sophie in black, and still dealing with the emotional consequences of her dad's death. We did have a really good time however. Christof about to start reading History at Trinity College, Cambridge and everyone, me included, very proud of him. While Electra is making great strides in Chinese, written and spoken apparently. After supper, we found ourselves in the garden of a pub, chatting for another hour or so before fond farewells.

Home by bus, and sat on the gold sofa, catching the end of the Rolling Stones playing live at Glastonbury. Despite some of the playing being a bit ropey and singing being a tad pitchy, you can't help but admire the continuing vigour of Mick Jagger and the boys. They played Satisfaction as their encore and this certainly was splendid.