At ease

Hard to get out of bed this morning. First Matie, having been turfed from her hotel four-poster bed, came around and we set off to Southease where Kate had lived for a while. Hung about chatting in this beautiful little village, and nosing in the church and sitting on a bench by the village green hearing rooks chuckle and caw like a bevvy of cider drinkers in the trees, and watching the wind ripple a distant corn field.

We encountered a slow worm that had recently dropped its tail on a path. Its defense was simply not to move until we were safely away. We walked around the quiet village, with its lovely old lichened buildings and crossed the little bridge over the river where the wind was surprisingly cold.

After this mini-outing, we drove into Brighton for a roast lunch and a pint at the Signalman, before we had fond farewells with First Matie at the station. Lorraine and I then met Rosie in the Battle of Trafalgar, and sat in the back garden in the re-emerged sun. We crossed the road to the Sussex Yeoman, were Rosie had some roast and Lorraine and I had a guilty desserts as we put the world to rights.

A quiet evening indoors, after something of a lively weekend.

Below two interiors in Southease church, some snaps outside the church and a stumpy slow worm.