Chortling Martians

An excellent two days on the book.  I have been writing about aliens in advertising, which has compelled me to watch the ancient Cadbury's Smash commercial, with its ridiculous chortling martians mocking humankind for mashing up potatoes as opposed to reconstituting a nasty starchy gloop.

Off to have a hair cut, as the sheep head thing was happening again. A beautiful day it was too, despite the heat nicely fermenting the piles of rubbish on the streets. After my crop, off to the gym where I bumped into Claudius, where we discussed medical matters and the Shakespeare Heptet before a very satisfying session. Nice to saunter home in the sun.

Otherwise, property various toings and froings over my house in the Twitten which I am preparing to get valued as well as Lorraine weasel wrestling her estate agents. Stressful.

Eventually discovered that I am not needed at Tavistock Square tomorrow, which gives me another day to get on with the book, good news as I am in the zone.