Reggae day

Managed to work on the business book for some time, which seemed the first time I've had a chance to focus on it properly. At least until Sonia came. Apparently Sonia is buying a new house and getting married in August.

Long chat with Matty boy, who was in a German Taxi, who phoned to congratulate L and I, and then had a really interesting conversation about the theory of marketing.

Winnowed out into the outside world later in the afternoon to buy salady things and a pair of sunglasses and look at Bob Marley CDs. I am in a full blown Bobathon at the moment. If it isn't Bob Marley I don't want to listen to it. Been listening to early recordings produced by Lee Scratch Perry. Rather splendid and undilutedly Jamaican. Took me back thirty years to when I was at the height of my Bob Marley craze. His death in May 1981 meant at least as much to me than that of John Lennon who died five months earlier.

Late in the day I was invited to work up in Tavistock Square tomorrow. Spent the evening irritably faffing about and failing to find lost things.  Lorraine having nice chats with people, including one with Sam which made her feel very happy. And so to bed.