Ensō craze

A novelty horror-free day. Lorraine, poor thing, had to be up at six in what is turning out to be a bit of a week from hell work wise.  I was up and about before seven. Worked today on the business book, caught up with a little correspondence, including from Joan who had sent a note wishing Lorraine and I well. Writing to her made me long to visit Deviation Road again. It's like Tom Bombadil's house out there on Deviation Road in Ontario.

Spoke to Janet and arranged a cup of tea with her and Ken tomorrow. They were pleased to hear about Lorraine and I.

In writing the book I am having to read up a lot about Ensō, which I have decided is my latest craze. These are pictures of circles drawn in one stroke by calligraphers influenced by Zen. They require an empty mind, and how you ink your circle reflect the way you are tuned into the world. I love the idea of painting an Ensō every day, and have been thinking and writing about circles a good deal, even creating one of sorts this evening.

Lorraine incredibly busy. Three of her schools now have ofstead inspections this week, and the school she is a governor at also has one. We did a quick shop in Sainsbury's where we met today's representative of the Turner clan: Adrian and had a chat by the vegetables.

Then we drove off in the unspeakably driving rain in the car to Sing Li to buy some fish and chips, to save time on cooking. Mighty fine they were too.

Here is an example of an Ensō. They can be incomplete, such as this one, or closed.