Matty-boy's news

Another London day. Perhaps because of going to the gym the night before, I was starving by the time lunchtime arrived, and welcomed First Matie's invitation to slope off to The King of Falafel where I bought a tasty chicken shawarma wrap and we ate back in the office. An interesting days work, and the best kind for me, where I am simply allowed to sit with a pad and have ideas about a brief.

Thursday is the evening of free boozes in the agency, so also welcomed Matty boy's suggestion to join in in one. He told me then that he is going to be a father as Isy is expecting. Manly handshakes and congratulations over some beer and wine, and then proceeded to join in the fun office drinks with people from the agency. Interesting conversation with Lisa from Germany, and had a long chat with her about acting and liking Heidegger. Meeting Germans a good deal lately.

Home fairly late and dozing on the train, before heading blearily home to Lorraine and floating blissfully into bed.