The victims of Mrs Nasty

At the crack of dawn this morning, First Matie took Mary her mother to hospital for her hip replacement operation. Unfortunately the surgery had to be cancelled at the last minute thanks to a cat scratch near the site of the incision perpetrated by Mrs Nasty, the cat who lives with Katie's mother in the Forest of Dean.

Naturally galling for Mary. But it also meant that First Matie's journey from London was in vain, and that her holidays had to be rescheduled so she could look after her mother in a few weeks. Mrs Nasty's disruption spread from the Forest of Dean, to Leeds where Kate's brother had to also change his holiday plans, down to Brighton where the pesky feline has lost me a week's freelance work, as I was going to be used as cover for Katie. She called me in the evening, and we laughed about the influence of Mrs Nasty, who is like one of those chaotic butterflies whose single wing flap causes disaster on the other side of the world.

The plus side is that I am now steaming ahead on the book I am writing with large strides every day. I took myself off to Starbucks for 11:30 after having worked at home for several hours, and worked there for several more. Sometimes a simple change of scene is a great stimulus. As I worked, a thick sea mist descended and glancing up from my MacBook Air I noticed that the taller buildings at the end of the street had all been concealed. I was so deep in thought that I'd been staring into space, but in reality at the man sitting in front of me, who on focusing on him I discovered was shifting uncomfortably.

Lorraine on one of her starving days, and working from home when I returned from the great outdoors. I cooked her the fish and rice and vegetable meal we eat on these days. I really like it, and find it cleansing. Lorraine off to a Governors meeting later and arrived home tired and hungry.

Watched several Frazier shows this evening, and still enjoying them immensely. Intermittent ear ache today.