Friday, October 10, 2003

Time to start my blog again. Re-entering cyberspace... My ezine is probably dead in the water, as I have been unable to access my emails for months -- and have had no time to build web pages. Unfortunately real life took over.

However since my last post I have separated from my wife, moved into a new flat and narrowly escaped redundancy. It has been a long hot summer, extremely upsetting and stressful -- although with a few great times unexpectedly found too. Posting this, two days before my 44th birthday is perhaps a sign that things are returning to normal.

October the tenth finds me meeting my wife to sign some papers for the sale of our house. Always painful to see her. Our separation has been amicable and we have done nothing to hurt each other. But a big part of my life is with her, and what is excellent is that our separation has not made me feel in any way that our relationship has been in any way invalidated. It was time to move on, and that's that.

This morning also finds me at my desk with a bag full of ice stuffed down the back of my shirt as I did something unspeakable to my back when swimming at the weekend. I have continuous pain down my arm and shooting pains into my head and muscular spasms on my chest and some vile knotty business occurring under my shoulder blade. As a hypochondriac this is of course all providing excellent source material. Went to the chiropractor and my regular one is on holiday. The replacement pulled my arms ineffectually and told me to put ice on it. D'oh.

Blissfully today is a Friday. Oh blessed day. Tonight will see me zooming off to Portsmouth to see Anton -- and the weekend may hold many delights.

Got down a book of WB Yeats poetry last night. The first time I've felt relaxed enought to read anything even slightly demanding for months. Like setting back into a comfortable armchair, and his miserable Maude Gonne poems made cheerful reading for me.