Back in the Basketmakers

Gorgeous day, sunny with a nice breeze. Dawn brought L and I a cup of tea in bed this morning, before she melting away like a little elf. I got up and made us breakfast in bed, feeling a tad jaded from last night's drinking.

Another house viewing this afternoon, so we tidied up somewhat, and went to meet Betty who was passing through Brighton. She was a bit sorry for herself, having done a late show last night, got up at the crack of dawn to take a drama class in Redhill, back to Brighton to pick up her case, and then off to Kingston to do her five hour pub shift.

For Lorraine and I had a classic Basketmakers session from tea time, people joining us to celebrate, via the medium of beer, our engagement. First Matie was down from London, treating herself to a hotel room with a four poster bed and walking around the North Laine looking chic in a red raincoat. Anton was free and joined us despite for altogether wrong headed reasons not being a lover of the Basketmakers, Matt and John were there too, decompressing after Matt's parents just having left for Yorkshire. John full of his plans for his sixtieth birthday bash. Had some nice food and a few beers spread out over hours. Lots of quality gossip to be had, sadly most of it unbloggable at this point. Cath joined us later after a hard day's flint knapping, claiming that if the apocalypse happened, she would be able to fashion hunting weapons and axes. Useful to know.

Sauntered home with Lorraine and Cath, and enjoyed an hour or so on the gold sofa. Lorraine watching Swedes efficiently murder each other again.