A long walk in loveliness

A kippery breakfast for me, and a haddocky one for Lorraine. After a slow start and, with a moment's sad pause, asking Lorraine to apply sunblock to the area of concern we ambled down towards Moulin Huet again, but turned onto the cliff path to Jerbourg. Another stunning, almost painfully beautiful day as we wended around the coastline looking down on the blue water and out at the cloudless sky.

Once at Jerbourg we had some much-needed tea from the kiosk and then walked smartly to Icart on the roads, admiring the gardens en route. Arriving there an hour later (somewhat footsore) we met Richard and Jane, and Holly the dog . We went to the tea garden, for helpings of Guernsey gâche and carrot cake. The mad-hatterish theme maintained as we poured our teas only to discover that the pot contained a rogue peppermint bag too. A happy hour chatting with Richard and Jane in the sun. I wish this was something we could do once a week.

Kindly dropped off back at La Barbarie, but the bar suddenly magentised us with the penetratingly good idea of cold lager. These carefully drunk and the paper read, a snooze before a duck supper. Andy the owner very pleasant and bought us a free bottle of wine with our meal. Sloped tiredly but happily to bed, although feeling sad at the idea of leaving tomorrow.

Below on the way down to Moulin Huet, snaps on the way to Jerbourg and the bottom one from Icart.