Greene Room

Up fairly brightly this morning. Off on a series of missions after breakfast. But not before Matt had texted me to listen to a Radio 4 news show which featured a play about Gordon Brown, which Matt and I have been discussing writing an opera about.

We went to check on a venue for our wedding party. We looked at the Greene Room, named after Graham Greene, upstairs in the Cricketers. Lorraine in work mode, and shaking hands with people. It seems an excellent venue though. Also walked about doing some shopping, Lorraine's phone contract was up and now she is the proud owner of an iPhone 4s like mine. Except hers is a black one. The pleasant lad who dealt with us is in the TAs and had lately returned from Afghanistan, not often that I find it hard to imagine what someone has been through as I talk to them.

Went to give back a plastic pistol to Matt, who had used it to brandish during his stampede of a few weeks ago. Had a cup of tea at his place and were impressed with Irish Tom who was making crab cakes. Off to The Basketmakers with Matt and Irish Tom for a cheeky beer, but sensibly left before the desire to booze took hold. Tom talking with some animation about his trip to Normandy for the D-Day celebrations, which he knows an enormous amount about.

L and I bumped into Tanya and Catherine on the way home, and had a discussion with them about weddings as they are the poster girls for weddings in Brighton, as their wedding is featured in the brochure for Brighton and Hove wedding ceremony brochure.

A quiet night indoors, and I sloped around to the Shahi to collect an eat at home curry.