Reading pleasure

Off to the smoke again, in sunshine. Reading more of The Pleasure of the Text, by Roland Barthes, which was on my reading list while at university, but only now, thirty years later, am I actually savouring it properly and not trying to speed read it. Fascinating about the bliss of reading. Makes me want to smoke Gitanes in a raincoat.

Work fun, and sloped off for lunch with Slug and First matie. I had already consumed hummus and oat biscuits at my desk. Had a cheeky beer at lunchtime for the first time in absolutely ages, and after having first worked with Slug about ten years ago, am only now really getting to know him.

After work off by tube to Stanmore to see Mum and Mas now with two cats. The new interloper, Felix, a nervous black and white cat. And of course Salty, who is full of the status anxiety that comes from finding that you are now on equal footing with nothing better than a stray. Attended to some wine with Mum and sat about chatting with Mum and Mase for some hours.