Happy Returns

Up early to pack, after a bad, possibly cheese-inflected night of nightmares. The first into the restaurant this morning for a hearty full Guernsey breakfast, and then a cab to the airport.

Both of us feeling sad to leave after what had been such a wonderful break. This morning beautiful too, and the early flight back to England smooth. The weather not so good as in Guernsey with cotton wool clouds, but not bad at all compared to what it had been like lately. Through Gatwick, and to Brighton by train, playing this infernal iPhone and iPad game called Candy Crush which Lorraine is addicted to and has got me hooked too.

Beth, who Lorraine had told our news, waiting for us at the station with a bunch of roses. Lorraine crying with happiness. I am very pleased that Beth is happy about it. Home by cab in time for lunch. Pat and Maureen had been looking after Lorraine announced our news and I am pleased to say they were both very happy too. I called Mum and told her too. Mum said that she and Romy had been speculating on this subject lately. When I spoke to Toby later he too wasn't particularly surprised. Nobody seems appalled at the idea, which is nice. Lorraine also spoke to Sam, who was happy for us too. And we both spoke to a tearful Dawn, who was completely happy for us.

A roast dinner at The Signalman, followed by watching some tennis on TV with Pat and Maureen followed by a much-needed, slow and quiet evening. L and I to bed, feeling a bit sad that it is back to normality tomorrow.