Hangovers and hot stones

Dawn bright as a button before leaving early this morning. Lorraine finding getting up more difficult and stayed in bed till around 1pm, having had breakfast in bed. I got up early being plagued by despicable cats.

I was feeling queasy after last night's liveliness. Found a pile of cat sick in the bedroom, which I cleaned up. Fed the ungrateful weasels. Calliope guzzled her food as if she had been starved for many weeks, vomited it up twice, necessitating the cleaning of warm sick from two further locations.

Queased off to see Jewel for a 12 o'clock appointment where I had an hour's massage, with hot stones. Never had hot stones before, but they were hot and slid nicely around all the evil bits of my back. Came out from my massage being able to stand up straight for the first time in what feels like weeks. Jewell does an excellent job and I left feeling like a new man. Even the queasiness had worn off. I sensibly made another appointment for a month's time.

A nice evening strapping on an enjoyable curry nosebag in the Shahi with Jess and Andrew, who were full of helpful advice having recently got married. After eating a good deal, we then sloped off to Circus Circus, for a few more celebratory drinks. All rather fun. Getting to know Andrew better these days. He is an accountant and so has ninja skills in areas where I have none.