Old friends

Started my Monday thinking about Tuesday, where I have another visit to the hospital. Up before seven and off to work. Much happier journey this morning, and did my relaxation meditation, drank nice tea from my flask and listened to a Good Reads podcast. First Matie pleased with herself, having cycled virtuously into the office.

I had a good day's work developing a couple of concept routes and writing copy to apparent satisfaction. I was sitting opposite Karam who had a small plastic spoon, The Spoon of Doom, which has a smiley face in blue or a scowly one in red depending on his mood, projecting from a blue-tac base from the top of his screen. Such is the stuff office life is made of.

Curious attack of nerves presenting in a small and not at all scary meeting.

After work a 25 minute walk from Tavistock Square to The Jerusalem Tavern in Farringdon. This is five minutes from where I did some work at the end of last year. Nice little faux-ancient pub, with delicious beer. There met Anton and his old friend Alexis who he has got in touch with again lately. I'd not seen Alexis for well over a decade, and it was great to see him and Anton reconnecting. They were like brothers when they were teenagers. Alexis now has three sons, a PhD and works in science education.

Luckily from Farringdon there is a train straight to Brighton, and even more luckily we only had to wait five minutes. Popped into the Battle of Trafalgar in Brighton for a half at ten to eleven. Then I sauntered home, armed with a shameful Ace pizza, arriving at 11:40, just after Lorraine who had been working very late helping a school which is having its ofstead inquisition.