It's a date

Tea and toast this morning in Edgware, Mum and Mas about to spend the day preparing to visit France for a few days with Tanya and Robert. Enjoyed walking off to Stanmore in the fresh-ish air.

Yippe! A text from Lorraine to say we've booked the registrar for the wedding: Saturday 26th October.  Now it's about finding the money to pay for it. Looking forward to to this beano immensely. Then down to Euston. Another pleasant day at work, and everyone seemed pleased enough in the reviewing progress meeting this afternoon.

First Matie had cycled into work for the last couple of days, and this, in combination with glimpsing my sumo-like self in the mirror of the bedroom at mum's house meant that when I got home, I simply dropped my stuff off and went to the gym for a virtuous late work out. Slightly starving when I got home, but reheated some old vegetable chilli and drank a good deal of water. Deliciously virtuous.

Nice to be back snoozing in my own bed with my own Lorraine (and my own Calliope) tonight.