Up early and Lorraine off to work. Another amazing day of sunshine. I started to turn the tanker of my emotions away from holiday cheer to getting on with stuff.  However I told lots of friends about Lorraine and I, which meant I had texts or spoke to Anton, Carl, Sophie, Bob, First Matie and Matt -- plus putting a mention on Facebook has an amazing amount of response and good wishes.

Walked Pat and Maureen to London Road station, they were being really nice and are evidently delighted by our decision. Then back home to phone the Pembertons who are, um, managing the property in the Twitten as the tenants had contacted me.

Beth at home this morning before returning to Kingston to work. Betty very supportive of the whole marriage scheme. Over some lunchtime noodles watched some of The Mighty Boosh on the gold sofa with her. This was a wonderfully surreal show, which makes me laugh out loud.

In the evening cooked for Lorraine who is on one of her starving days. Walked her off to the choir practice.  I had time to watch the biographical documentary Marley by Kevin McDonald, which was excellent. Although I have read lots about Bob Marley this documentary gave me some fresh insights and wonderful footage of Bob doing his thing. It made me want to listen to all my Bob Marley chooones again. The man was a one-off wonder, not least because he could inhale marathon spliffs first thing in the morning and then go for a huge runs. Apart from the spiritually necessary imbibing of weed, he lived very healthily.