Twinkling by the newty pool

Had Lorraine's ring re-sized. It looked sparkly, especially in this weird sun stuff we are having. The jewellers looked hard at the diamond as if it were a fake and started talking happily about  a flaw deep in the diamond, till they realised they were looking at the setting. Also some palaver about the jeweller having to be asked if he would deign to resize it, given that it was not one of his rings. The prospect of his palm crossed with silver seemed to do the trick however. A good job was done, and I brought it home to Lorraine who was working at home this afternoon and she was soon twinkling it.

Otherwise up early, and sent the website copy off, and it seemed to go down well. Otherwise being continually distracted by things like housecleaning, laundry and other time consuming stuff. More happily I managed to go to the gym, for a fairly decent workout. The combination of post-operation lunching and lounging, plus some dedicated knife and forkwork in Guernsey have rendered me porky.

Had someone visit the house this afternoon necessitating cleaning, and L and I have a walk in the park and to twinkle over a cup of tea by the newty pool. A nice evening, with Beth at home with her chum Emily. Supper with these girls before they went out. And so to bed. Lorraine playing the candy crush game until her eyes closed.