World Book Day

Vindictive and relentless rain. Dragged a heavy case of books down the hill to Preston Park. Utterly soaked to the skin by the time I got there. Then to Balcombe via Hateful Heath. Hauled case up stairs and along the path up to the village. Forded along the running muddy stream that was the tarmac path. Arrived in the school, and was greeted in a friendly way, and given a cup of tea. Children somewhat fractious as they had to play indoors at lunchtime.

Did a big afternoon session with the two lots of year groups in one class. The teachers left me to get on with it. Spoke about the things I had been speaking about at Downs, but this class a bit less engaged, however I still had fun with them. I signed a boxful of books, which made the case much lighter. Trundled back down to Balcombe station through the biblical flood for a half an hour wait in the cold for the train. Soaked again, despite wearing my Berghaus, but a mother and two kids were on the platform, and one of them whipped out his copy of Magnificent Grace and started avidly reading it. This moment was worth the whole trip.

Soddenly home. Then had to do a smidge of work for my lovely French clients. Then back out into the effing rain again to meet up with my glass pals Ben, Rick, Sally, Adele and her sister-in-law Kathryna who I enjoyed chatting to about WB Yeats, and we also met Kate who I'd gone to class with and another Kate who was new to me. Went to Nooris Indian restaurant with a tetchy woman serving us. We all had a good time however, lots of laughs.

Rick paid for a cab for he and I to go home, which was kind of him.

Below the moment that made it all worth while, and a snap of Ben.