Old friends

A lazy day today. Lorraine and I had little energy, and while we talked of doing lots of things, we only managed changing the batteries on the catflap. It was much needed down time for both of us though. In the evening Lorraine drove us out to the village of Laughton, on the other side of Lewes, where we had dinner with Mark and Carol.

Even though Mark and I only see each other occasionally, there is something very comforting about talking to someone you have known since you were eleven. They live in a very nice house, if a little hard to find, in the grounds of a former psychiatric hospital. When they first moved into the house, the hospital was still extant, and they found patients wandering about in their back garden and even inside the house on one or two occasions.

Also met their son David, who I have not seen since he was a child. A lovely intelligent young physics graduate who has a job to do with carbon and sustainability, and his girlfriend Aisha who helps people with anxiety and depression. Mark revelled unguessed at talents for cooking, and had a lovely meal. Particularly like the fishy cheesy Sussex smokies we started with. A very relaxed and pleasant evening -- although Lorraine was driving us so she couldn't have any wine.

Home late. A glass of something with Lorraine on the gold sofa and then to bed.