A strange Sunday

A strange Sunday. Woke up having done something mysterious to my neck and back in the night, and which gave me a headache. Mother's day today, spoke to Mum. The pesky television stopped working, and she had to have her tooth looked at again. Breakfast in Bed with Lorraine.

Lorraine a bit less exhausted today. We did some pottering about in the garden. I cleaned half the decking of ingrained stuff, with my compressed water cleaner, but then stopped to give the neighbours a break. The action was doing something to my back too, and making my headache worse. We sat in the garden for a while, it was warm enough with the sun on our faces.  With Beth we watched Toy Story 4, which was fun. Lots of people still not abiding by the rules, judging by photos and comments on Social Media etc. Crowds gathering in the sunshine.

A bit of TV watching only connect with Beth and early to bed as Lorraine has work tomorrow.