Trailer and Pie

A decent day, keeping myself busy. Chatted with Mum and Anton, and messages from folks.

And uploaded this Skelton trailer on YouTube.

Was helped greatly by Beth however, with the social media side of things. Connecting many platforms together begins to hurt my head. Beth with fewer things to do lately is brilliant. She cooked an amazing pie last night, full of turkey and chicken and stuffing and veggies and Cranberry that made it taste like Christmas on a plate. Lovely.

I did a yomp up to Hollingbury Hill and walked as often do across the top of Wild Park to Hollingdean. Lots of people about today, perhaps because I set off at about 5pm. Had to be careful to keep my distance walking along the street once or twice.  Once on the golf course and walking about in the park I could be far from everyone. Came out at Hollingdean and walked through streets to get home. Passed a skateboard park with about a ten teenage boys on it, and a scrap of ground with boys playing three a side football. The distancing message ignored by all these lads -- but this was the only thing of its sort I saw.

Delicious dinner as previously mentioned, then a game of Trivial Pursuits.

Below Beth's pie.