Fiddling with videos

Recording readings of Magnificent Grace and fiddling about with the videos. Showed them to Beth who made some good suggestions. A brief interlude of feeling stressed and horrid, but snapped out of it watching some Frankie and Grace. Beth made me a cheese and ham toasty with her toasty maker for lunch and I simply carried on to a productive afternoon.

Delicious smell drifting up from the kitchen, as Beth baked a batch of peanut butter cookies.

Listening to a chapter of The Lord of The Rings. I went for a walk up to Hollingbury Hill at five, and had an enjoyable time up on the hill, and dodged people on the street. Did The Covid Stroll down the middle of Osborne Road to get home. Not many out, but a few couples taking a careful tea time constitutional.

Lorraine home from work when I got back. She has to go in tomorrow too. A quiet evening in, obviously.

Two snaps from the empty gold course on Hollingbury Hill. Very clear, and if you click the top picture, you will see a thin smudge on the horizon on the left hand side. This is the Isle of Wight.

Below a shot of Lorraine's family sent through by . Pat and Maureen third and fourth on the right.