A snatch of freedom

A positive day today, I got up and worked on creating some ideas for a campaign Valérie had sent me, which was a nice little job, and kept me out of trouble and my mind focused. Once this was done I went for a walk up to Hollingbury Hillfort. A glorious day, and few people about. I took some shots emphasising the emptiness of things. Weirdly, my normal almost panicky dislike of being in bald, wide open spaces was mostly absent, and I enjoyed roaming about across the hilltop golf course which was barely being used. It felt like snatching some of freedom. Otherwise chats with Bob walking his dog, and sounding reasonably optimistic, and Mum, who was still struggling with TVs.

Lorraine home tonight, now with two days working from home. Feels good to have her gathered back in. I'm please Betty's at home too, and not one of those poor sods in a flat somewhere suddenly struggling for work and rent.

Feeling grateful today for those things I have.