New strategies

A very productive day today. I have a new strategy which involves meditation, and trying to tune out the health related panic sweeping the globe. I have suffered from anxiety off and have experienced debilitating panic attacks in my twenties and early thirties, my panic was always focused on my own body and health. This current crisis would have to go some to be more triggering for me, I am finding that my coping strategies acquired over the decades are being deployed now to good effect.

Anyway, I did a good day's work, and was cheered by being contacted by a parent whose child wants a copy of Magnificent Grace. Sonya wanted a signed copy too, so I obliged.

Betty went out on a shopping spree today and returned triumphantly with a four pack of toilet rolls. She stopped off at the Preston Park Tavern and I took my life in my hands and joined her for a beer there. Talked about doing some more theatrical stuff together in the new year, after I have written Grace 2 and launched Sin Cycle the poetry pamphlet.

Lorraine joined us in the pub and we had a bite to eat there. A few beers to take the edge off and people in the pub just being normal was quite comforting despite the risks.