Full moonish

Quite pleased not to have to be representing a skeleton in various schools this week.  Did a spot of billing admin, walked through the park to the bank in North Street, where I poked book cash into a machine with the help of an employee at NatWest, who said she liked reading. Wrote a bit more of Grace 2 and thought about the look and feel of my upcoming poetry pamphlet Sin Cycle.

Spoke this evening to Katie First Matie who is feeling sad about poor Craig -- as so many of his pals are. It happened that Kate was reading my book as I phoned. Luckily she was liking it as it would have been a bit awkward if she thought it was nonsense.

Then I called Matty who has found himself with the unenviable task of breaking the news to many of Craigs pals. Matt told me that Mel is in practical mode and is being supported by family who have flown into be with her, and close pals.

Spoke too to Mum, who had been to eat piles of fish and chips with Mas in the usual pub. One of the cats had brought in a rat but failed to take it out again, and she wasn't quite sure where the body was.

A slightly wan and workshy today. I blame the full moon, for no good reason.

I was phoned by the doctor's surgery and they asked if I had been to a foreign country in the last ten days as I am going to the doctor to talk about my inflamed ears on Wednesday. Coronavirus, and its assorted impacts, dominating the news.

At Kenny towers this evening we watched episodes of Only Connect, with Betty knowing all the answers in the missing letters round. On the gold sofa Lorraine told me one of the parents had told her that her daughter was loving Magnificent Grace. Hearing this is great as was a teacher from Balcombe who got in touch to say that some of the children were now avidly reading the book.

And so to bed.