A simple life

Over the years I have become good at managing anxiety, but I was ambushed just as I woke up this morning. After a minute or so I successfully shook it off, but it was a poor start to the day. But it meant things could only get better. I took my news in small pinches and chatted with Anton, and First Matie, and Facetimed Mum and messaged Toby. Like me, First Matie (who hasn't been well) will be joining Craig's funeral remotely tomorrow. Got a text from Ian, Kate's friend. Nice note, and he mentioned he was reading my book too. More encouragement: an old friend Nicki posted a photo on facebook of her two boys, one of whom, Stan, was reading Magnificent Grace for the second time.

With my freelance work evaporated after the double blows of Brexit and Coronavirus, life has become very simple all of a sudden.  Take care of people I love, write the sequel to MG, and try to do something positive for the world.

Routine is my friend, and once I get going at my desk I feel okay. Walking is important too. Beth and I walked to the post office, where Betty went on to do her last drama in school session. The local post office, pokey and quite full, all you can do is try to keep your distance. Just a short 35 minute stroll after I came out of the post office.

Beth, who is feeling a bit antsy, cooked tonight. Lorraine home and quite buoyant all things considered, went to bed really early. I stayed up to watch an episode of Grace and Frankie, then to bed and found Lorraine's brain was still being too busy, so I read her some poems by Yeats, which helped for a while.