Saturday night's all right for Yawning

Slow Saturday start, generally hanging out with Lorraine and Beth. I spent much of the day feeling antsy and tense, not helped by news of an acquaintance fighting for her life in an IC ward. I sat with Lorraine as she did a puzzle while we listened to the audiobook of Lord of the Rings. A walk to Hollingbury Hill late this afternoon helped a good deal. A cold wind blowing from the north east. To get there a good deal of skirting people in the street but even then it felt good to be walking, and listening to Tolkien as I went.  One teenager refusing to keep his distance forcing me to walk out into the carless road. I could see he enjoyed this little moment of power.

Enjoying very much being back in Middle Earth. The air fresh and free of pollution.

Lorraine cooking lasagne tonight, which was delicious, and we watched Montalbano, which Mum and Mas were watching too. Toby called this evening, and I had a good chat with him. Yawning my head off tonight, and all at Kenny Towers to bed early.