Locked down and hard at work

Still a little sluggish, but hard at work today. Grace 2 , then more or less completed the trailer for the Skelton Yawngrave TV SYTV, and recorded the first chapter of the book for the first episode. A call from Slug, offering me a bit of work next week, which was welcome too. Nice to chat with him. He said he was already stir crazy. A boon for the sparse Kenny coffers however. All in all quite a productive day.

Lorraine back at school for the day, and phoning parents in the afternoon.

Boris Johnson has coronavirus, as does Prince Phillip and the Health Secretary. In the evening a curry, taken away stealthily by me from Red Chillies. A curry supper and some cans of beer, and a game of Trivial Pursuits with Lorraine and Betty in the evening.

A coffee in the back garden this morning, with Calliope coming too.