A slowish Saturday, with Lorraine and I spending lots of time chatting this morning. Also chatting to Toby -- his school has just closed until after Easter. Lorraine up early to prepare some food for this evening. Much lurking around and I wrote to a few people including Gregory in New York, who is happy with Sin Cycle becoming a pamphlet. I also chased David at Supernatural Tales for the third time as I had subscribed to the magazine and had received nothing -- and this time received a pleasant note in response.

When we were on holiday in Sicily Toby made me download an app for my phone called Radio Garden. Essentially it shows you a map of the world with lots of little red dots on it, if you move the little target over one of the dots it plays the radio station from that city.

This morning I went to Chad, and Japan and a few other places before dropping in on BBC Guernsey. Suddenly out of my phone came Jane's voice in a trailer for Jenny’s programme, talking about Jane's book Barking Mad! It was a lovely moment.

Beth and Lorraine doing lots of cooking. Lorraine cooked a delicious chicken dish made with yoghurt, saffron, and turmeric with her Persian Basmati rice.  Innis and Rosie came around for supper and a few drinks. Lovely time with them, another bubble of chat and cheer away from the prevailing anxieties. Otherwise felt pleased to be pulling up the drawbridge today.