Warriors striding out of the murk

Misty day. Worked in fits and starts and progressing by inches on Grace 2. My concentration not at its best today. Up to the Hillfort this afternoon for a walk and found that it was a good time to snap the wall of the Hollingbury Hillfort. The mist erased the golf course and made it easy to imagine Iron Age warriors striding out of the murk.

Home and my concentration a little better. Have a pile of books to read too.

News dominated by Corvid-19, which will one day become a great name for a band. Italy has shut down travel for a few weeks, and I think it will only be a matter of time before that happens here. Lorraine says many of her head teacher mates are expecting that schools to close shortly.

Craig's funeral will be held on the 20th in London, but the way things are going I wonder if I will be able to travel there. I also have tickets booked for myself and Klaudia to go to the theatre the night before, this may be affected too.

Below Hollingbury in the fog. In the first shot you can see the lump of the hill fort wall. The second is walking on top of the wall, and the third is just taken from a metre down the wall.