The drink not taken

Craig's funeral today. Strange surreal business of logging onto a webpage to see the service, and spot lots of friends there. Lovely service, without religion, really reflecting who he was and incorporating lots of people's reflections -- some of the music he liked and poems read by Matt and Sylvia. I felt bad I wasn't there, as there were many there I knew. Matt, The French Bloke, and Robbie among those carrying the coffin casket. Shed a tear in my room for Craig and especially for Mel, and wishing everything was different. Matt read The Road Not Taken by Frost, which was a poem Craig liked lots -- and I found it unbelievably poignant in the circumstances.

The Government at last announced that pubs and restaurants should be closed today. I went on a long walk this afternoon, and passed three pubs, before the announcement, and all of them had a handful of people in them, almost all of them middle aged men taking what might prove to be their last few beers in a pub for some time. It was a Friday afternoon, and I was tempted to go into one for all kinds of reasons. Later in the day Matt posted about this last drink in a pub being for Craig, before every pub closes.

On my walk I threaded through woods around Hollingbury Hill and in the open spaces. Two teenage boys loping along on a similar course to me for a while. Although good as gold, the boys looked sinister with hoods up and facemarks. I saw them again later, just as I was coming out of some trees, and some school girls were coughing exaggeratedly in response to them.

Sonya here today, her plans to fly off to Bulgaria cancelled.

Lorraine had a strange day, saying goodbye to Children now that may never return to her school, if the closures continue till summer. She has been doing fantastically well through this difficult week. I am very proud of her.

People are keeping in touch lots with lots of emails and messages and phone calls -- spoke to Toby and Anton.

We had delivery pizza tonight, and watched the first Star Wars movie together as Beth has accessed a movie channel, and had a couple of drinks indoors. All to bed at a sensible time. Lorraine falling asleep after a very hard week.