A round of applause

Trying to maintain a routine, and not quite so buoyant. Lorraine working at home. Beth off to look after Tilly. The ladies went off to Marks and Sparks food hall and came back having had an almost normal shop.

I wrote for a few hours this morning, and then made a little progress for the trailer for the Skelton channel. Almost there.

In between I used the water pressure cleaner to clean off much of the algae and staining from the decking outside. In the afternoon a short walk up to Hollingbury Hill, having to dodge people on the street though by crossing over a few times. Doing what I think of as my outbreak stroll down the middle of the Osborne Road. Chatted to Mum and Mas a little, they seem fine. To Anton, and other pals online. People are there keeping in touch a little more these days.

Curiously tired at tea time, and sniffy due to pollen. Watched a bit of TV. I'm finding Grace & Frankie a welcome interlude. Tidying up the kitchen this evening, and I glimpsed out the window to see the new moon. A cringe of atavistic superstition about seeing the new moon through glass. I blame Gwen, my grandmother.

At 8.00pm we joined many people across the nation by coming to their doors and windows to applaud the NHS. I found it very moving to be there with others clapping along the street, and across the city and the country. A few fireworks exploded, then all back indoors. Redownloaded The Lord of the Rings as an audiobook. Might be the perfect time to escape again into Middle Earth.