Small steps towards positivity

For me a pretty good day. I am managing to feel burst of positivity. I began work on Skelton Yawngrave TV, a YouTube channel coming soon and chatted to Beth about this too. Went for a gorgeous walk up to Hollingbury Hillfort, crossing the road to avoid people on the way there. Still a few blithe golfers up there. The best day of the year so far, I was even able to sit outside and do some work in the corner by the kitchen, which is a sun trap, and protected from the wind which is still cool and coming from the east.

This evening the lockdown was deepened. But as far as I was concerned, it changed little here in Kenny Towers. Tomorrow Lorraine has to go to work, Beth goes off to look after Tilly, the daughter of an NHS worker, and I stay at my desk and am permitted a government permitted exercise walk.

Was phoned by Valérie, now relocated to a country location in the middle of France, having escaped the prospect of a lockdown with a son and partner in a small Paris apartment for somewhere in the country. To my surprise she had a few hours work for me to do, for which I am very grateful and the prospect of a little more in the pipeline. A boon considering I cannot go out.

Spoke to Mum who is having an infuriating time with the TV, and mysterious water appearing on the wires. Thank goodness Ben is across the road to help them. He is a diamond. Spoke to Tobs this evening, and Anton this morning.

Lorraine happier today, having made changes and clarified with her team what everyone will be doing in the next week or so.

From the golf course.