Poets in Soho

A cozy slow morning, then I set off to meet Robin and Sarah at Brighton station, and we zoomed up to Victoria. Found myself in a quiet mood, but luckily the ladies more than compensated. A good laugh today, and we went to what was once The Raymond Reviewbar  but is now, by day at least a cafe bar and a theatre upstairs where Robin read from her new pamphlet Why? And other questions. There were also readings by Tania Hershman, Katie Griffiths and Miranda Peake. All of whom were accomplished. Also said howdy to a couple of other poets there, Hilaire, and Tamar Yoseloff who I have known slightly since the 80s. Robin I thought read best, clear and communicative, and I liked her poems more too.

Sarah and I had a bottle of beer each called Zen IPA and shared a plate of dirty chips. Then into the rather excellent theatre to listen to the poets. An ouch-inducing £12 to get in too, but it was very professionally done. Bought Robin's pamphlet of course too.

All home together on the train, and fond farewells at Brighton Station. Robin and I are going to see each other soon to plot the publication of Sin Cycle -- she was really pleased that Sarah and I came with her to support her.

Walked home to find Lorraine and Betty busy doing puzzles. They had been shopping today, and said that the aisles were indeed stripped of toilet roll and pasta by panic buyers. Little sign of coronavirus panic in the streets of London when we were there.

Below three go mad in Soho. Myself, Sarah and Robin.