Closing down

It seems the UK government waking up to the reality of the situation at last, and this evening wheeled out a partial lockdown. However schools are exempt. So however much Lorraine and I and Beth might want to self isolate Lorraine has to go into school with a 100+ pupils every day. Beth's drama teaching looks like it is being curtailed too. I was due to meet up with Robin tomorrow, but we cancelled that. By the evening the show I was going to take Klaudia to this week was also cancelled. I am beginning to think that I will avoid Craigs funeral on Friday too, which will necessitate a lot of public transport and mingling. Feeling a long way from Mum and Mas at the moment too. Thank goodness there is FaceTime however, and I can have regular face to face conversations.

I posted a note on Facebook: 'I noticed that I was responding like one of Pavlov’s dogs to the pinging of push notices from (in my case)The Guardian. Virus news was arriving regardless of how I was feeling, or what I was trying to do. So I turned that notification bad boy off. It felt good to remember that I am in charge of when and how I get my news. I’m not being an ostrich, but it just feels sensible to take back a wee bit of control. Use the news, don’t let it use you!' It was an attempt to be positive and helpful to others.

Otherwise it was not a good day for concentration. I did not do much work of any quality. I did drop off to Downs reception a Skelton book for a girl called Sophie, and collected an envelope and a card with a £5 in it from her mum Karen.

Then a bit of walking. Then a bit of work, and some lunch. Then a bit more working. It was a blue and sunny day. Stood on top of the Hillfort and looked about at the sky. One very distant contrail from an aircraft.

I'm just not particularly productive at the moment. Cooked and talked with Lorraine and Beth when she came back.