Bobbed and bubbled

Lorraine suggested we use up one of her visitor's passes and she took me to her gym. It is nice at Wickwoods, and when the sun shone it was pleasant. Had a workout there, which accelerated my return from post wake haze. Then we bobbed and bubbled in the jacuzzi pool, and nipped into the sauna. Disappointed to notice I am a tad more sumoesque than I have been lately. Feeling concerned about the breaking pandemic. As I noted on Friday, it is impossible to avoid.

Then home again. I did some preparations for next week's school visit. Also heard from Jeremy with the welcome news that he wanted one of my old poems 'One Under' for a forthcoming anthology.

Beth home tonight, and we ate roast chicken and played Exploding Kittens along with the expansion pack Beth had sent off for this evening. It features an imploding kitten card, and a cone of shame that you put around your neck like an injured cat or dog. Luckily nobody wore the cone of shame this time. It will come though.

Soberly to bed. A big week next week for me.