Unexpectedly great

With some trepidation headed off to Hampton again. A slight delay but nothing dramatic, thank God. Showed Pat the stuff I had worked on in the train this morning, drew it up and walked with Pat to Waitrose to buy a bite for lunch, and then, after a few conversations, I was done by early afternoon.

Fond farewells with my Hampton pals and I was released back into the wild. The FB on vegans: ‘why would anyone voluntarily put themselves at the bottom of the food chain'.

Very happy to be homeward bound. Got off the train at Brighton, and headed to The Basketmakers, where I had an emotional encounter with a pint of lager.  I met Lorraine and we mooched off to the Dorset to meet some of my new pals from stained glass: Yvonne, Adele, and Sally, with their respective husbands, Brian, a lovely emotionally intelligent man, Patrick a singer of Opera and writer of music, and Marek an architect. Had an unexpectedly great night out as the other halves all turned out to be excellent, thoroughly interesting and interested. After a refresher in the Dorset, we went into the Komedia to see a comedy night.

Comedians adequate, some still learning their trade. But we all had a great time, and a really cheerful evening. Back to the Dorset for an absolute bloody final. Yvonne and Brian being particularly nice to me. Lorraine and I hopped home by bus, and I slung down my rucksack for for the star-crossed travelling has stopped for a while and I was home happily with Lorraine.