Another home day for Lorraine, Beth and John and I. Toby and Romy had a short trip out in the afternoon. Typically I got another offer for work next week from my pal Pat, having said yes to some other work. This previous job however was not confirmed, like it was supposed to be. So I am not sure what next week looks like yet, but it seems there will be some money in it.

Otherwise a happy day. I continued with The Leopard, which is a magnificent book. Also spent lots of time in the pool with Lorraine, Beth and John throwing a small ball around, playing a game that was quickly dubbed the Plop it! on account of the noise the ball makes as it falls in the water. The object of the game is to throw the ball high in the air, so that it makes a satisfying plop in the water, and if you can make it splash someone's face at the same time this is a win. If you can splash two people at the same time, this is a double plop.

When they got back, Toby made Fernet-Branca and cokes and we sipped these on the terrace. Toby and Romy discovered this Italian drink in Argentina. Tonight was street food night, mainly featuring astonishingly good arancini, some of the crispy rice balls full of spiced pork, and others filled with bolognese. The meal was finished with huge slices of sweet watermelon. I am going to miss walking about the grounds of this house, at certain times the rustling and flitting of lizards is everywhere.

Inside listening to music, and playing euchre and uno, until everyone sloped off to bed.