A cheeky in the Baskets

Wednesday is hump day. Up and off to London again, walking down to the station, and happily the day somewhat cooler. Had some French work to finish off on the train in the morning, then into the agency. My Art Director sick at home, but pushed on with the work regardless. Presented to the Creative Director late in the afternoon, and all happy with the progress.

Back to Brighton, and went down to The Basketmakers Arms, which as crowded, with folks crowding outside too as it is about to be sold to new owners who the word is will not change a winning formula. Had a cheeky drink in there with Betty and Lorraine, which was great fun. Couple sat next to us, and the man spilt his cider all over his wife and lapdog. Lapdog shook itself over my trousers.

Then toto Wahaca restaurant for a quick bite. Made me think of Oaxaca in Mexico, which the name is an anglicisation. I ate grasshoppers there, and they put a spring in my step. A happy evening tonight, and L and I were in bed early after getting a taxi home.