Shooting the breeze

A day of doing housework Lorraine and I hoovered and cleaned bathrooms, on the hottest late August Bank holiday weekend ever. We also made more plum jam, bending over the bubbling pot.

A salad lunch outside for lunch, where I discovered that Matthew Rees had accepted my horror story What You Look For, which I was chuffed about. He said this would go live on the site quickly.  This means that I now have three horror stories pending publication. Am feeling quietly pleased with myself. Really nice note from Matthew, he seems a really nice guy as well as being an excellent writer.

In the late afternoon we sauntered down through Preston Park. Bumped into Reuben playing football with his youngest boy like the excellent dad he is. Then we walked up to my old neck of the woods by the station, fording the human river beginning to turn back from the sea to the station.  To an evening with Claudius, who had a few friends and a barbecue in his back yard. Among them was Steve, who it was excellent to see, nice folks to chat to, and good to talk to Claudius too, now happily back in Brighton after a sojourn in the States. At one point Claudius jammed with one of the attendees called Susanne, who he may be doing some gigs with. All very pleasant to sit in the warm evening and drink beer and shoot the breeze.

Lorraine and I home by taxi from the station. My top hat slightly askew, but a very nice day.

Below Susanne and Claudius playing, and a green bottle fly, one of many that made for Lorraine and my plates once we had finished eating our salad at lunchtime.