Airport collection

The flappy monster returned just before dawn again. This morning I recorded it scraping and tapping on the roof. Although it sounds like a poltergeist, it is marginally more likely to be an owl I think.

A lazy day spent dreaming in the Sicilian sun, reading books and swimming a few serious lengths in the pool.  Quite pleased by the appearance on Poetry Village of my wee poem about Gwen, my grandmother, called The House of Hidden Hope. Feeling quite chipper about my own writing, and this morning I woke up with a short story in my head.

Toby and Romy went out for the afternoon, and Lorraine and I set off this afternoon to drive up the Catana to collect Beth and John from the airport. This journey conducted with calm efficiency. We found a straightforward route on google maps, and we were soon on the motorway zooming north. Lorraine feeling much more confident now. We found the car park easily, and John and Betty, emerged from arrivals delayed but happy. Lorraine and I knew it was imminent, as there had been a trickle of pasty-looking English. Great to see them, grab a drink and pile into the car and zoomed south.

Romy had organised it for Tina to leave us all kinds of lovely food, including pasta and cannoli, and lots of gorgeous cheeses, cured beef and other delights. Beth and John zooming straight into the pool after such a long day, and then boggling at the food in a satisfying way.