Happy Monday

Up fairly early today. Turned over in bed this morning, half asleep, and had a passing moment of vertigo, where I felt I was falling through the bed out of control. Woke up nastily.

It was a Monday, and was gripped by the feeling I should be doing something. Dawn called around this morning for coffee and a chat, she is obviously sad about her dad -- and there will be the funeral this wednesday. In the afternoon, Lorraine went to visit Rosie in hospital. I went to the gym, and started to get a grip on life again, making an appointment for the optician and the dentist.

When Lorraine got back, we slew the dragon and made a claim to not-so-EasyJet for the delays and cancellations we endured. This involved uploading receipts and so on, but was not quite as painful as it could have been. Also we looked at our wedding photos, with the view of producing an album of it.

An evening in, decided to watch two films with Lorraine. One was fairly useless: The Other Man, with Liam Neilson, and then we watched Ant-Man, which better, and not an anticlimax.

Below Ant-Man in a shower.