Happy at home

A day where Lorraine and I happily simply sat about reading and swimming and eating.

The sun was continuous and we sat in the shade and plopped into the pool. Toby and Romy were more adventurous and went out for a drive in the afternoon. As Tina was seeing friends this evening, so we suggested a slightly earlier dinner. The first course included octopus and potatoes, raw prawns in curry powder, and fresh anchovies as a starter. This followed by a seafood pasta, pictured below, with savoury juices to soak up with bread, and rounded off with 'lobster tails' which were crunch pastry filled with chocolate or kind of custardy goodness.

After the geckos were watched, and Toby had spotted the sliver of the moon, we went indoors and listened to music and played a game of euchre, which was great fun.

Below a quick snap of our house from the hill above, the interior of one of the giant succulents in the garden, seafood pasta, and Romy looking at lobster tails.