Off to Hampton

A dead to the world six hours of sleep, then set off for London. Felt quite springy and cheery walking down to Preston Park. Up to Clapham Junction, then across the platform for a half hour's ride to Hampton. Good to see old work buddies again, The old French Bloke, happily all stabilised after a heart op, Pat and Perky. Spent all morning discussing the pitch they will make on Friday, and absorbing lots of information about the product related to the microbiome in your gut. At one point I learned about probiotic yoghurts and so on. Apparently very little, if any, of the supposedly good bacteria gets beyond your stomach and survives where it is supposed to do you good. Feeling tired and braindead from time to time. I have barely been home.

A quick chat with Mum at lunch, standing by the river.

Went to the Jolly Coopers with Pat and Michel at lunch. The FB lately a thoroughly reformed character, drinking soda and lime, which I joined him in. Pat came in a few minutes later and had a shandy. I ate a tuna sandwich.

After work, Pat and I walked to Hampton station, and because the train wouldn't be for 25 minutes, had a pint in a pub locally known as The Dip. Really enjoyed chatting to Pat, he is a lovely bloke, and we have so many people in common.

Home, and my lovely Lorraine had been busy doing laundry and getting lots of things sorted. She cooked a gorgeous meal, which I ate in a braindead but appreciative way. Early to bed.