Moaning from Home

Woke up feeling ill exhausted and hot, and breakfasted on paracetamol. A bad night, through being ill and waking up feeling desperately sad about our friend. I tried not to think about the despair he must have felt to reach a point where you kill yourself.

Pleased not to travel up to London. Instead slogged at my desk 8:30 till 6:30 on this job that had turned into a nightmare. Still feeling very angry and resentful about this job. I had today to bash out reams of unnecessary work at a ridiculously fast clip, that wasn't even being received by the CD because it was going into his spam file.

By 6:30 it was finally done. I called Mum, and cancelled our trip tomorrow as I don't want to infect her and Mas. My saintly wife cooked us a lovely roast chicken, and was still talking to me after I had been moaning and swearing all day. We ate this happily, and watched the end of the derivative but fun Stranger Things season two before an early night.